There’s what you do to make a living and then there’s what you do to stay alive. You can see what I do to make a living at: Here is where I share what I do to stay alive.

When asked to describe my art, I’m often at a loss, but a viewer at a recent show defined it for me as “Spirit Art” and I’ve decided to adopt that name. I consider my art to be an active form of mediation and reckon that it is “spirit” that I’m striving to find and portray.

My art evolves on the canvas. I work in many medias and combinations of media, leaving myself open to notice and use the happy accidents that occur along the way. I start each piece with a core thought or image and allow the media and my response to it guide the painting to its completion. My hope is that my art serves to remind us of our connection with and interrelation to animals and nature. I look for the beauty in my subjects as well as the beauty with which they are intertwined.
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