About LaurArt

After some 25 years working within the Technical Art and Graphics industries, I’ve tried my hand at pretty much every aspect of Graphic Art and Design. Mostly I’ve worked as part of an In-House graphics team. This has afforded me a lot of opportunity to learn and have hands on experience with any area of my craft that interested me. I was always quick to say “I can do that” or, “I know I can figure out how to do that”. Even when my official job title was Technical Illustrator, I was involved in Photography, Printing, creating Promotional Art, Posters, and any other art related project my employers could think of a need for. By making good use of all the on the job training I could get, I eventually worked my way up from Technical Illustrator to Graphic Artist then to Graphic Designer, then Art Director.

In 2003 I left my Art Director position at EDS to start my own home based Graphics business, LaurArt Productions. I’m still learning on the job and tackling every art related project I get my hands on. The success of our Classic Car Collages has been a pleasant surprise. Who knew there was a market for such a thing, or that I would have a special talent for showcasing these cars?

My original concept was that LaurArt could be the graphics source for smaller businesses that might not be able to support their own graphics department on site or afford to hire big ad agencies. This concept is working out and I have formed strong affiliations with several clients - assisting with Company ID and promotional items and concepts.

I still say “I can do that” or, “I know I can figure out how to do that” and enjoy brainstorming with my clients to come up with effective and affordable solutions to their graphics needs.